Friday, April 16, 2010

I am such a slacker.

We had a horrible fall/winter, but through that season the Lord chose to bless us in the best way possible. Travis was able to retire early and we brought our kids home to homeschool! They have only been home for a week, but it has been awesome!

Our plan is to year-round homeschool. We will complete the state requirement (church school enrollment, and 160 days of school) with plenty of breaks and vacations sprinkled around where we want them. I feel SO liberated! FREEDOM!

We start our day at 8 am with a walk. At 9 we have breakfast and do morning chores. We begin our formal learning at 10 and finish when we are ready for lunch. If there is anything left that the kids want/need to do...we do that later in the afternoon. Currently our subjects are: Bible, History, Math, Arts and Life Skills. We are doing lots of gardening and chicken coop building, while adjusting to our new schedule and chore assignments. It is my goal to give my children a well rounded education while teaching them responsibility and self-sufficiency. Also, next week Kaylee is beginning violin and Barrett guitar! (HAPPINESS)

I am going to try to be better about posting...but I am making NO promises!