Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Southern Talk

Well I thought I'd start my first blog with discussing my Southern Talk. My wife, she comments on it often. She's not a Yankee or nothing like that but she did graduate from a high falootin high school. You know, from one of those communities that now has a Interstate off ramp and a Target, so now they're just a little bit better than everyone one else. I guess I'll do this in dictionary form...

-adverb and some times an adjective (ah) The weather was nice and sunny until it come up a cloud. It then started a raining like cats and dogs.

verb; (ah feered) afraid: I'm afeared dates to the 1300s was reintroduced to my of haints.
This ancient jewel which vocabulary at a very young age by the movie Sergeant York. I'm afeared its here to stay.

braw or bra-
noun; (braw) She don't like it at all when I put her braws in with my britches.

by gods-
slang adverb for mad: She was a madder than 300 by gods.

noun; (coke) A coke is any drink that fizzes that's not beer. A cocola is any brown drink that fizzes: I'll have a Pepsi coke.
We don't fool with soda water but if we did... Honey, spray some of that coke water in my whiskey.

slang for damn:(dagg gumm ): That dagum dog needs to shut ta hell up.

adverb; ( dir ec lee) about too: I'll be there directly.

xon or fixing adverb; (FIX ing) about to: I'm a fixing to whoop your ass.

-my great papaw Trammel's favorite word

Haint- noun; (haynt) a ghost: I seen a haint awatchin us last night behind the house.

slang: used in place of you don't say commonly followed by damnation: " They stole my truck!" "Well hellfire." " It had your shotgun in it" "Hellfire and damnation."

adverb; in place of if: Iffin you're gonna do it you better do it now.

Ink Pen-
noun; (EEnk Pin) writing pen which is different than a stick pin: I write sloppy with an ink pen.

adverb; (lie bul) in place of likely: She is liable to dot it at any time.

light bub-
a light bulb

adjective; (nare-EE) in place of not Nary a one knew the difference.

adjective or noun; (nawt) in place of not or nothing old English: Jethrow wanted to be a double nought spy but it was for nought.

- adverb; (awt) in place of about too or should: She ought to behave.

reckon- verb; (
Rek un) I reckon I'll go out side. "The weather man said it's going to rain." " Reckon?'

School -
noun; (skoo) My kids go to school.

Show nuff-
corruption of sure enough sometimes followed by is. " They say the weather is going to improve." Show nuff?" " It's still real hot out here." " Show nuff is."

swear; Well I swanee.

noun; (wawsp) a flying and stinging insect: I was stung by a wasp.

Idy- noun; (ID) idea: Where's the cat? I don't have any Idy.

Declair- verb; (dee clair) announce with emotion: Well, I declair!

more will be acomin'...

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